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>Asiana/UNICEF to send Relief Funds to Japan

28 Mar


Asiana Airlines (President: Young-Doo Yoon), in an effort to aid the restoration and aid the children from the earthquake struck areas in Japan, will be hosting the ‘Change of Love’ campaign inside the cabins of all Asiana’s domestic and international flights.
This campaign conducted by Asiana Airlines and UNICEF has been a part of UNICEF ‘Change of Love’ campaign in which the relief funds raised urgently this time will be delivered by UNICEF Korea to UNICEF Japan.
Asiana Airlines and UNICEF for this campaign have jointly produced special fund envelopes that has the wording < Japan Urgent Relief> imprinted on the envelopes. Asiana plans to announce ‘that all the funds will be used for Japan Urgent Relief’ through the in-flight announcements to inform the passengers of the campaign………

Asiana Airlines have shown continuous support in the aid of Japan’s recovery by previously sending cabin blankets, bottled waters, instant noodles and sixty million Yen (8.4 hundred million KRW) in donations along with messages including condolences and fast recovery messages to Japan through in-flight announcements.
Meanwhile Asiana Airlines along with UNICEF have been conducting the Unicef’s ‘Change of Love Campaign’ inside the cabins by collecting changes leftover from passengers traveling abroad that has been aiding children from around the world. In 2010, 6.2 hundred million KRW funds were collected and the total accumulated funds are 5.5 billion KRW.


>Keeping Pace with Technology- the Nissan Experience, Professor Andy Palmer, Senior Vice President The Nissan Motor Co.

13 Feb


Date: 28 February 2011, 12:00pm (Please note that the lecture will begin promtly at 12.00pm and guests are asked to arrive by 11.50am)
Venue: JETRO London, Midcity Place, 71 High Holborn, London WC1V 6AL
Tel: 020 7828 6330
Organiser: The Japan Society

Keeping pace with fast-changing technologies, environmental demands and global developments is a challenge for all companies but particularly for those whose markets and manufacturing bases are entirely global. In this business group lecture by a distinguished Japan-based UK citizen, we will hear about Nissan’s experiences. Being responsible for some of the company’s most advanced products, Professor Palmer will be covering topics which have immense relevance for many members.

This is an important topic, particularly for those involved in long-term decision-making on developments and investment. Keeping pace with technology has particular challenge for those countries where the level of manufacture is not as high as it was and where developments are heavily regulated and yet in which competition remains very keen. Professor Palmer will use the Nissan experience to explore these challenges and help us understand how his company has remained a world leader and continues to invest heavily in the UK.

Prof Palmer is one of Nissan’s top 10 executives and sits on the company’s executive committee with global responsibility for its product axis.

He has global responsibility for Planning (Corporate & Product) and Program management; Marketing & Communications; the companies Business Units, such as LCV, Luxury and electric vehicles; and the group IT division. During his distinguished career in Nissan, he personally devised the LCV breakthrough strategy which led to a 5 fold increase in global sales between 2002 and 2010. More recently, he led Nissan’s product launch offensive, launching vehicles such as the new Micra, the Qashqai and the 2011 European Car of the Year, the Nissan LEAF. His experiences have always been along the interface between engineering, and management.

To book your place please contact the Japan Society office on tel: 020 7828 6330 or email: Please remember to state your company position when applying.

>Asiana Improves Airport Services

25 Jan


Asiana Airlines (President: Young-Doo Yoon), in accordance to the Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism campaign to attract ten million foreign visitors to Korea, will be hosting a variety of airports service campaigns.

Asiana in welcoming the 2011 New Year will host the ‘Grand Welcome Services’ not only on a business oriented level but in a level of personally receiving an important guest at home.

The Grand Welcome Service Campaign is composed of three stages in which the services will be simultaneously commenced on the 25th at airports that Asiana operates around the globe. The three stages will be divided as the 『Grand Welcome Preparation Stage』in getting prepared to welcome customers, 『Grand Welcome Greeting Stage』 responding to customers and 『Grand Welcome Plus Stage』additional services for customers.

Asiana, in order to educate the Airport Service Staff located in 75 airports domestic and abroad, will be producing a UCC video, and develop a campaign web page in which feedbacks among outstanding performances at airports and staves could be shared and feed backed on the web from other staves.

Asiana Airlines Airport Services Senior Vice President Yong-Suk, Joo commented “When a customer first starts his/her airline journey they meet the airline staff first at their departure airport. In order to continue their warm greetings with airline staff we have developed and started the Grand Welcome Campaign. With this differentiated services, we will aid in attracting ten million foreign visitors to Korea.”

In addition to the “Happy Mom Service,” Asiana will be starting the baby carriage cover service on the domestic routes starting from the 25th.

Around 150 baby carriages are transported in the domestic’s flights per day. In order to lessen the damages and preserve cleanliness of the carriages, special covers with buffer pads will be provided. The covers have been test trialed for 2 months and have received positive reviews from mothers.

The “Happy Mom Service” started in October of 2009 in which dedicated exclusive check-in counters for Infants, providing breast feeding covers free of charge (First in the Industry), and free sling services inside the cabins (First in the Industry)

Around 40 thousand passengers have used the exclusive check-in counters for infants, and 5 thousand have used the breast feeding covers.

Asiana’s Happy Mom Service has been highly praised and has received good reviews by young mothers praising Asiana’s services by writing postscripts on blogs and cafes. There are continuous inquires about the Happy Mom Service from other airlines to benchmark the services.

>Asiana Signs Deal to Receive A380

6 Jan


Asiana Airlines (President & CEO: Young-Doo Yoon) and Airbus signed a purchasing contract for the A380, known as a premium hotel in the sky, on the 6th of January 2011.

According to this contract, Asiana Airlines will receive a total of 6 A380s starting from 2014 and continuing to 2017 from Airbus (Two a year in 2014, 2015 and 2017 respectively).

By the end of the year, Asiana will request state-of-the-art cabin specifications and innovative cabin layouts when filing its production order with Airbus to see that Asiana’s distinct, high-end service is realized aboard the new aircraft. Asiana will receive its first A380 in 2014 and will operate this aircraft on its routes to the U.S. or Europe.

Asiana Airlines President & CEO Young-Doo Yoon stated, “Asiana’s decision to acquire the A380 was based on the increase in the number of FTAs in which Korea is engaged and the recent addition of Korea to the U.S. Visa Waiver Program (VWP). Due to favorable factors like these, forecasts indicate a steady and stable 5% yearly increase of passengers to Korea and the Asia-Pacific region. Asiana’s decision to purchase the A380s not only serves to satisfy the increased demand on these long-haul routes, but also fits with the company’s growth strategy coming off a record-breaking financial performance in 2010.

This new contract is in addition to the existing contract Asiana signed in July of 2008 with Airbus to secure the delivery of 30 of Airbus’s newly developed mid/long-ranged next generation A350 extra-wide-bodied aircraft. Asiana’s fleet strategy is to operate a core fleet of state-of-the-art, environmentally-friendly, next-generation aircraft to secure its place as a socially conscious global airline.

>Traveling to Seoul but Feeling at Home: Seoul and Seoul Tourism Organization provide host family services for visitors

3 Jan


At the end of November, 200 newly registered families were inputted into the guest-host online matching system for the Seoul Global Family (SGF) initiative, a home-stay program organized by the city of Seoul and the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) that connects visitors to the city with Koreans eager to serve as hosts and guides. The program was launched in time for an expected large influx of foreign tourists during “Visit Korea Year” 2010-2012.

The SGF program was developed to provide not only a more meaningful stay for tourists, but also to encourage cultural exchanges. Rather than staying in conventional accommodations such as hotels, hostels or motels, the SGF program allows visitors to stay with Korean families, affording them a first-hand experience of Korean culture and society.

The procedures involved in applying to become a host in the SGF program include a background check, an inspection of the applicant’s household and a final evaluation by the program’s operating committee. After passing this initial process, hosts go through customized training sessions provided free of charge by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization. This training program was designed through Sookmyung Women’s University for the purposes of providing residents of Seoul with a more open mind towards foreign cultures.

The SGF program has been well-received so far. From July 21-30 last year, the World Vision International Children’s Choir Festival took part in the SGF program, arranging for 30 participating children to stay with registered hosts. One host family reported that they felt a familial connection with their guest and a sense of parental pride during the festival’s performances. The host family also said that their involvement with the program helped them to become more comfortable around foreigners and left them with fond memories.

Visitors from China and Japan have been showing particular interest in the program. This month, 58 students from an international high school in Japan stayed in Seoul for a school excursion through the SGF Program, through which they were able to learn about cooking and other facets of Korean culture. Beyond this, a variety of guests from these countries have stayed in Seoul through the SGF program.

This year, the city of Seoul and the STO have set a fixed price and established additional benefits for those who choose to enroll in the program. With subsidies from the city government, foreign visitors can avoid additional fees and pay only the actual cost of boarding. Prices have been set at around 40,000 won per night, or a 600,000 won monthly rate. For guests who come in groups, starting at two, an additional 28,000 won is added per night (monthly rates are the same per person). The operators of the program also responded to concerns about a possible shortage of accommodation for foreign guests during Visit Korea Year, providing travel agents and tourism-related organizations with information on the SGF program so they could present it as an option for visitors.

Numerous improvements have been made to the program, including the addition of new ways for tourists to enjoy themselves during their home-stay. A multilingual website (Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese) opened in the beginning of December, through which guests can conduct a search of the registered families based on their specific preferences. The site was designed to simplify enrolling in the SGF host program, offering reservations, which must be made at least 10 days in advance, and online payments.

Further enhancements to the program include a greater range of options for participants, such as cultural exchange programs tailored for children, students and the elderly. Furthermore, the city of Seoul and the STO have engaged NGOs, volunteer organizations, government bodies and other agencies in the effort to create an “SGF experience event.” Also starting in 2010 is the “home-stay academy,” a free service that provides specialty tutoring services for tourists, a kimchi-making seminar with foreigners and other ways through which guests can experience Korean culture. The Seoul Tourism Organization is also offering 13 free walking tours for guests and hosts to enjoy together.

Applications to become an SGF host were made available at the end of October. Application forms and procedures can be found on the Seoul City website (, the Seoul Tourism Organization website ( and a stand-alone website ( For more information, please contact the Tourism Service Team of the Seoul Tourism Organization at +822.3788.0859.

>Asiana’s International Passengers Reach Ten Million

24 Dec


Asiana Airlines (President: Young-Doo Yoon) international passengers has reached ten million since its establishment in 1988. Asiana recorded it’s highest ever results per quarters this year. Asiana initially predicted that 9,674,643 passengers will board Asiana’s international flights early this year but predictions have surpassed in which 10,480,000 passengers will board Asiana’s international flights by the end of this year.

Not only has the demand increased for Asiana’s strong routes such as Korea/Japan, Korea/China and the Southeast Asia routes but also continuous demand has increase for the U.S. routes leading to Asiana recording its highest record in performances this year. Asiana’s highest results in the past were back in 2007 with 8,623,594 international passengers.

Asiana’s President & CEO Young-Doo, Yoon commented “Due to our customers continuous support and loyalty not only did Asiana record it’s highest results but was able to achieve its record in reaching it’s tenth million international passengers.” “Asiana will repay this gratitude by improving and providing the world’s best of services to our customers.”

In order to repay for the continuous support of Asiana’s customers, Asiana held a giant cake cutting and lucky draw event at Incheon International Airport on the 17th of December.

Also on this day, Ms. Mee-Kyung, Choi (45), whom is going on a business trip to Paris on OZ501, was the tenth million international passengers to fly with Asiana and was provided with a business class round trip ticket as a token of appreciation.

Also, Asiana handed out gifts such as roundtrip tickets for Southeast Asia, Japan, domestic route, model airplanes, business card holders and LCD cleaners during the Lucky draw contest to passengers departing on the international flights this day from 7 am to 5 pm.

>Asiana Holds the Year End Party with a Distinguished Color

15 Dec


Asiana Airlines (President: Young-Doo Yoon), Incheon International Airport Service Sector staff in order to host a meaningful year end party, will be contributing goods to children in destinations that Asiana operates to.

On the 9th of December, 6 of Asiana’s Incheon International Airport Service Sector staff visited the Kdei Run elementary school in Cambodia and donated 586 school bags, variety of school supplies, medicines, and sporting goods to the students.

This event was arranged by the wholehearted interest and voluntary response of the staves of Incheon International Airport Service Sector in which over 333 (From 366) 90% of the staves participated in this event and collected \13,000,000 in donation fee which was spent on purchasing goods for the children.

Asiana’s staff Mr. Seung-Hoon, Lee (Asiana Airlines Incheon International Airport Service Sector) commented“This year end party is a meaningful party just by seeing the happy, moved and warm faces of the Cambodian children when they were presented with the gifts.” “I would like to show and share the video of today’s event with my colleagues back home whom participated but was not able to come.”

In addition, Asiana Airlines will continue and increase the global social contribution event next year to destinations that Asiana operates to. Taking acknowledge of the staves wholehearted interest and voluntary participation in this year’s event, the company plans to fully support these kind of contribution events in the future.

Meanwhile, Asiana Airlines, for the fifth consecutive year, was awarded Best Flight Attendants in the World and Best In-flight Services in the World as well as Best Overall Customer Service- Airlines- Ground/Call center for third consecutive years by Business Traveler Magazine.

Asiana Airlines has excelled in various categories as a result of its continued focus on providing its customers with innovative and unique services, both in the air and on the ground

The awards are given to the airlines that receive the highest cumulative scores in the survey conducted by research institute MRI (Mediamark Research & Intelligence). MRI is the leading provider of consumer research and data from MRI’s survey.

Asiana Airlines cabin magic shows, in-flight make up services, and onboard chef and sommelier service are just some of the exclusive ideas that Asiana has produced and many positive compliments has been received.

Also other new services such as the ‘Pre Mom/Happy Mom Service’ aiding mothers in pregnancy to travel more conveniently and with the motto of ‘a voice that has an expression to deliver fast and precise services’ for the reservations call center services has been highly praised.

The Business Traveler awards ceremony was held on 9th of December, 2010 at the Beverly Hills Sofitel in Los Angeles at 6p.m (local time). Many people in the airline, hotel, and travel industry attended.