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>A world of HD entertainment at your fingertips: Slim, space-saving new VAIO J Series

15 Jun


The stylish, all-in-one VAIO J Series PC from Sony puts everyone’s HD multimedia collection within fingertip reach.

An elegant addition to any living space, new VAIO J Series delivers an uncompromised HD entertainment experience in a beautiful, integrated design that cuts unsightly cables. The computer’s unique ‘loop’ design offers space underneath the screen to stow the keyboard while you’re watching movies or enjoying music.

The slim all-in-one design is dominated by a 54.7cm (21.5”) VAIO Display Plus that offers plenty of space to display two full-size web pages side-by-side. Full HD 1080 resolution and multiple lamp technology ensure a brilliantly detailed view of HD movies, photos and games with rich, vivid colours. The stunning touchscreen also offers a beautifully intuitive way to view and interact with the web, documents and your digital media collection.

VAIO J Series offers plenty of power for a responsive digital media experience at work or play. Latest-generation Intel® Core™ i3 processors are complemented by NVIDIA® GeForce graphics for smooth video playback, gaming and 3D entertainment. There’s also an impressive 500GB of hard disc space – plenty to store the biggest home multimedia collection.

The generously-sized touchpanel is a brilliant showcase for Media Gallery. This ‘smart’ media player organises your photos, videos and music for easy browsing with touch, flick, drag and rotate gestures. Media Gallery even learns from your preferences, recommending new content to deliver a truly personalised entertainment experience.

Also included, YouPaint is an easy-to-use art package that offers limitless creative fun for kids and parents alike. Choose from a huge palette of brushes, crayons, image pipes, tracing papers and more. Add sparkle to your masterpiece with a generous choice of decorative stamps. Multi-touch support lets you resize and rotate stamps with your fingertips: you can even move and bounce stamps around the screen with exciting motion effects.

VAIO Gate gives one-click access to your favourite programmes and media via an attractive bar at the top of your desktop. For extra convenience, a dedicated VAIO Care button helps identify and solve any issues with your VAIO to keep it at peak performance.

Your connectivity options are broadened with Bluetooth® for cable-free communication with mobile phones, notebooks, mice and keyboards, printers, digital cameras and game consoles.

The new VAIO J Series touchscreen multimedia computer is available from July 2010.


>Okinawa Day 2010

12 Jun


Date: 26 June 2010, 11:00 – 19:00
Venue: Spitalfields Market
Organiser: Okinawa Association UK, London Okinawa Sanshinkai

Okinawa Day 2010 will be held at Spitalfields, London E1 on Saturday 26th June 2010 from 11:00-19:00. This is an admission free event and welcomes all visitors to enjoy the day in Spitalfields.

Okinawa Day 2010 will demonstrate the wide range of Okinawan culture through the performing arts (folk and classical songs accompanied by sanshin lute, drumming performance and eisa dance) and arts and crafts, food, tourism and so on. This event is strongly committed to promote ‘Ryukyu’ culture in the U.K in order to enhance the cultural understanding and relationship between the U.K and Okinawa. More importantly we would like to make Okinawa Day a sustainable event each year in order to encourage a U.K audience to participate in future ‘Ryukyu’ events and to create a ‘Ryukyu’ cultural hub in the U.K.

>Honda Affiliate to Open New Safety Driving Center in Singapore

12 Jun


Singapore Safety Driving Centre Ltd. (SSDC), a Honda affiliate company, has relocated from Ang Mo Kio (in central Singapore) to Woodlands (in northern Singapore) and held a ceremony to commemorate the official opening of its new safety driving center which includes the first full-scale multi-story driving circuit in Southeast Asia. Equipped with a 3-story driving circuit that makes effective use of limited land, the new facility is the only safety driving center in Singapore which can provide training and testing for riders and drivers of all types of vehicles from motorcycles to heavy vehicles including crane trucks.
Since its establishment in 1983 as the very first safety driving center in Singapore, SSDC has trained more than 250,000 riders and drivers. In addition, SSDC has been working together with the Bukit Batok Driving Centre Ltd. (BBDC), a Honda affiliate company established in 1990, in Bukit Batok (in the mid-western Singapore), to conduct various road safety and safety driving activities that are deeply rooted in the local community. Honda is committed to continue expanding its contribution to the realization of a safe mobility society in Singapore.

“Honda hopes this center will establish a new benchmark by making an even greater contribution to the ideal of safer mobility, because safety is not only Honda’s dream – but the fervent hope of everyone in Singapore and even throughout Asia,” said Fumihiko Ike, Chief Operating Officer for Honda Regional Operations (Asia & Oceania) at the ceremony.

Since 1964, to fulfill its social responsibility as a company which provides mobility including motorcycles and automobiles, Honda has been providing educational opportunities for motorcycle riders and automobile drivers to learn the proper handling and operation of vehicles and to promote public understanding of mobility and expansion of safe driving. Honda will continue its efforts to become a company that society wants to exist and conduct activities to promote road safety and responsible driving which will be accepted and trusted by society.

>Special Film Screenings: The 60th Commemoration of the Korean War

9 Jun


Date: 10/06/2010, 17/06/2010, 24/06/2010
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Ground Floor, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London, Greater London WC2N 5BW
In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Korean War, the Korean Cultural Centre UK will be offering 3 film screenings through June. After Bae Hyoung-jun’s Once Upon a Time in Seoul on the 10th of June, we will be showing Kim Ki-duk’s Address Unknown on the 17th June, and Yu Hyun-mok’s Rainy Days on the 24th June. Each film depicts war and its aftermath from a distinct perspective. There will be accompanying events related to the Korean War as well, see below for details.
Once Upon a Time in Seoul (2008) describes the Korean War orphans’ struggle for survival in the devastation that was post-war Korea. Address Unknown (2001) by Kim Ki-duk is a story about the suffering and deviance of children in the 1970s’ whose mothers were Korean and fathers had been American soldiers. There will also be a guided tour of the new exhibition: “Present from the Past” for the first 30 guests to the screening of Address Unknown.
The final film, Rainy Season will be screened on the 24th June. The director, Yu Hyun-mok’s films have had a lasting legacy on Korean cinema from his use of realism to his approach to modernisation. Rainy Season illustrates a wounded family which reflects the circumstances of Korea in the mid-1950s’ dichotomised by the ideological confrontation that the war presented. There will be a food tasting event followed by a brief talk by a veteran from the British Korean Veterans Association prior to the screening.

>Asiana’s New Business Class Seats “OZ Quadra Smartium”

9 Jun


Asiana Airlines (President & CEO: Young-doo Yoon) will be operating the newly installed business class seats “OZ Quadra Smartium”on the B777-200ER on the routes of Incheon~SanFrancisco, Incheon~LA, and Incheon~Bejing starting from the 7th of June.

The new name for Asiana’s business class seats “OZ Quadra Smartium” comes from the world “OZ” the alphabet code for Asiana, “Quadra” meaning 4 advantages, and ‘Smart’ meaning wisdom, smart and “ium” as in space. This means that the new business class seats have 4 special good points.

‘OZ Quadra Smartium’ biggest advantages is that it is the first ever zig zag layout (Staggered Layout) that a domestic airliner has received. All seats are now capable of accessing directly without the disturbance of the passenger next to you. Especially the 32 business seat layout of the B777 has been changed to 24 seats by increasing the seat pitch by 15 inches. The new layout allows the passenger to move more freely.
Also the new business seats provide a full flat bed type seat (180 degrees) which is normally provided to the first class seats. Movable dining tables have been implied so that the passenger can move freely at anytime. Separate from the dining table, there are separate cocktail tables located next to each seats. Notebooks, newspapers can be rested on the table.
Other amenities include a storage place for shoes, PC power outlets, USB Ports, personal storage place. Most of all the new business seats have been designed to fit the business traveler and made the seats more like a small office area. A foldable arm rest and movable head rest has also been installed to aid the rest of the business traveler.

Asiana will invest $15millon by next May to the new seats. 4 B777 will be installed with the new ‘OZ Quadra Smartium’ seats. The seats will be provided on the U.S, Europe, and Oceania long hauled flights.
Asiana has invested a total of $70million on 16 carriers to upgrade the cabins from May of 2006 to February of 2009. Last year AVOD (Audio Video on Demand) systems were installed in all seats for the mid/long ranged flights. Asian is investing a great amount to provide the best of cabin services and its environment to our customers.

>PRESENT FROM THE PAST: The 60th Commemoration of the Korean War

5 Jun


Dates: 16 June – 17 July 2010
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK, 1-3 Strand, London, WC2N 5BW
Tel: 020 7004 2600

A positive, dynamic and exciting exhibition of contemporary art by forty Korean Artists, reflecting on the Korean War and its legacy. And thanking the men and women of Britain who came to Korea’s defence in the name of liberty in 1950.

From 16 June to 17 July 2010 the exhibition PRESENT FROM THE PAST marks sixty years since the Korean War began on June 25 1950. It also offers forty artists an unique opportunity to express their gratitude to British veterans of the war. Some 58,000 British men and women served in Korea and helped to secure the independence and liberty millions of Koreans have today.

PRESENT FROM THE PAST sees forty newly commissioned works from forty Korean artists working internationally. The exhibition pays particular attention to the ways artists deploy their own history – whether through a reinterpretation of the Korean War or its legacy for the people of Korea.

After the exhibition, all the exhibited art works will be donated to the Royal British Legion and will be auctioned in September 2010, with the support of Sotheby’s. The auctioneer Lord Dalmeny of Sotheby’s will auction the lots and all proceeds will be donated to the British Korean Veterans Association Relief Fund. In addition, as a Thank You present, 80,000 special edition postcards of the artworks on show have been printed so that each member of the British Korean Veterans Association may have a set.

As with every Korean, the contributing artists each fully appreciate the importance of 25 June for the people of the Korean peninsula. Korea’s contemporary art scene is indebted to the sacrifices of the Korean War veterans and the honour of marking this anniversary with an exhibition and auction is such that not one of the artists approached turned down the invitation to contribute.

The artworks encompass sculpture relief, oil on canvas, print, drawing and photography, with many artists creating new works especially for this unique event. Each artist was asked to produce a piece of work reflecting one of the following four themes:

I. ‘Connections that transcend Time and Space’
II. ‘Destruction and Creation’
III. ‘Forgotten War, Unforgettable People’
IV. ‘My Korea, its Fragile Peace’

The Exhibition PRESENT FROM THE PAST is brought to you by the Korean Cultural Centre UK. The auction is organised by the Royal British Legion in association with the British Korean Veterans Association. This exhibition is curated by Stephanie Seungmin Kim of the Korean Cultural Centre UK.

>Samsung Pushes the Right Buttons with Digital Marketing Campaign

5 Jun


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, has been awarded a prestigious international CLIO award for a new strategic communications and public relations initiative to launch its ST1000 product. The CLIO Awards are one of the world’s most recognised international advertising, design and communications competitions, focused on evolving with the industry in order to acknowledge the most current and innovative work. The prize was awarded for an online and social media campaign to launch the ST1000 digital camera, in conjunction with Austria’s renowned Schonbrunn Zoo and demonstrated Samsung’s ongoing commitment to breakthrough communication campaigns.

Samsung developed a unique partnership with the Schonbrunn Zoo in Vienna, to show consumers how easy and intuitive the new ST1000 camera is at uploading pictures to the internet via its innovative wireless capabilities, a feature shared across a number of Samsung’s digital cameras. Samsung equipped the zoo’s resident female Orangutan ‘Nonja’ with the ST1000 camera, and the images produced by Nonja were then uploaded through the camera’s wireless capabilities daily to a Facebook account and specially designed Microsite, receiving an overwhelming 200,000 hits from a worldwide audience of fans.

This unprecedented and ground breaking strategy proved that ST1000’s capabilities and easy-to-use features could even be operated by anyone, including an Orangutan, a message that was successfully communicated to an audience around the world. The campaign showcased the ST1000’s ability to capture and share photo memories wirelessly on the move, allowing users to truly connect with family and friends. Packed full of innovation and encased in a sleek compact frame, the camera’s wireless functionality enables users to send and post pictures in real time via applications like Facebook and provides an unrivalled experience in sharing content amongst loved ones. With the increasing need for camera users to share their images instantly with loved ones, a number of Samsung’s digital cameras provide wireless capabilities.

“Today’s CLIO Silver award accreditation is an important milestone for Samsung and a celebration of our continuing efforts in showcasing our cameras and communications strategies with the most innovative and forward thinking campaigns in the industry. Our goal has always been to show camera users that our camera ranges are designed to meet everyone’s needs and the increasing demand for wireless capability, and this campaign demonstrated our success in communicating these messages direct to customers and the consumer market through our ground breaking and innovative strategies, which this award represents,” explained Sang Jin Park, President of digital imaging business, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. “It is our continuing goal to lead the way in innovation through our pioneering communication strategies, to ensure that the ease-of-use ‘Smart Cameras’ capabilities are demonstrated to a global audience of camera enthusiasts.”

For nearly five decades, the CLIO awards have maintained its original commitment to celebrate and reward creative excellence, honouring a powerful form of communication and its impact on modern culture. Samsung’s campaign captured these key elements of the competition and successfully connected on an emotional level to the general public, through an impactful communication campaign that showcased not only one of their leading digital products, but opened the doors to the continuing innovation encapsulated in cameras like the 2view and NX10 for the consumer market and ongoing breakthrough communication campaigns.