>Asiana/UNICEF to send Relief Funds to Japan

28 Mar


Asiana Airlines (President: Young-Doo Yoon), in an effort to aid the restoration and aid the children from the earthquake struck areas in Japan, will be hosting the ‘Change of Love’ campaign inside the cabins of all Asiana’s domestic and international flights.
This campaign conducted by Asiana Airlines and UNICEF has been a part of UNICEF ‘Change of Love’ campaign in which the relief funds raised urgently this time will be delivered by UNICEF Korea to UNICEF Japan.
Asiana Airlines and UNICEF for this campaign have jointly produced special fund envelopes that has the wording < Japan Urgent Relief> imprinted on the envelopes. Asiana plans to announce ‘that all the funds will be used for Japan Urgent Relief’ through the in-flight announcements to inform the passengers of the campaign………

Asiana Airlines have shown continuous support in the aid of Japan’s recovery by previously sending cabin blankets, bottled waters, instant noodles and sixty million Yen (8.4 hundred million KRW) in donations along with messages including condolences and fast recovery messages to Japan through in-flight announcements.
Meanwhile Asiana Airlines along with UNICEF have been conducting the Unicef’s ‘Change of Love Campaign’ inside the cabins by collecting changes leftover from passengers traveling abroad that has been aiding children from around the world. In 2010, 6.2 hundred million KRW funds were collected and the total accumulated funds are 5.5 billion KRW.


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