>Discover Korean Food #43: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Seolleongtang (Ox-Bone Soup)"

3 Dec


Seolleongtang is a soup made by simmering ox bones, intestines and shank for a long time. The name of the soup comes from a story in which the king held a memorial service at the seonnongdan (an altar) with his officers, and offered an ox as a sacrifice and shared ox bone soup afterwards with the attendants.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
1 kg ox-knee bone, 600 g gristle, 700 g ox-tongue, 5 kg (25 cups) precleaning water
200 g beef (brisket), 200 g beef (shank)
7 kg (35 cups) boiling water
Fragrant seasoning : 30 g green onion, 65 g garlic, 20 g ginger, 50 g onion
Seasonings : 40 g green onion, 8 g (⅔ tbsp) salt, 0.3 g (⅛ tsp) ground black pepper

1. Wash and clean ox-knee bone, gristle and ox-tongue, soak in water for 5~6 hours to draw out the blood.
2. Wipe blood of brisket and shank with cotton cloths. Wash fragrant seasoning cleanly.
3. Trim and wash vegetables for fragrant seasoning and green onion cleanly. Chop green onion finely.

1. Pour water in the pot and heat it up for 10 min. on high heat. When it boils, add ox-knee bone, gristle and ox-tongue, and boil it for 5 min. for precleaning, then discard boiling water.
2. Put water, ox-knee bone and gristle in the pot, boil it for 1 hour on high heat. Then lower the heat to medium, simmer it for 5 hours while skim the foam and fats. Add ox-tongue, brisket and shank in the pot, boil for 1 hour. Add the fragrant seasoning, boil for 1 hour, then boil it for another 30 min. after reduce the heat to low.
3. When ox-tongue and beef are well-done, take them out from the broth, cut into 3 cm-wide, 4 cm-long and 0.2 cm-thick. Cool down the broth, skim fats, and boil for 10 min. on high heat.
4. Place the cut beef in a bowl, pour broth and serve with seasonings.

* Ox-head meat, ox-hooves and/or breast meat may be added.
* Large size onion and radish in the soup may be more tasteful.
* Ground red pepper may be added upon taste.


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